Green Sun

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The skies are filled with yellow stars, blue stars, red giants, brown dwarfs, black holes … but nowhere in the universe can you find a green star. Green suns don’t exist in the sky. There is only one green sun. Right here.

Green Sun is a story of a journey and also a small business.  I can tell your story. Green Sun offers public relations and writing services from a Phi Beta Kappa English Literature major who is also a US Army Public Affairs major with 13 years of experience in crisis communications and media relations. 

State #22, Kansas, Jump Off Point to the West

Corey is not quite an international woman of mystery, but is hard at work becoming a regional person of interest. Previously both a Classics Major and an Army Major, she is currently travelling where the road will take her and leaving digital footprints at Upcoming reports may include improving trails in Muir Woods, diving from a liveaboard in the Bahamas, flying military Space-A across the Pacific Ocean, and taking a month long cruise to Antarctica on a refitted Russian research ship. You may also check out some older writing at or email at

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State #17, Virginia Has It All

Since the last post, Maryland, was a bit morbid, I will double down and start Virginia on the same note. It is the state in which I have had the most near-death experiences. The most spectacular was having AA Flight 77 crash through the second floor of the Five-Sided...

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State #16, Maryland, Death and Life-Saving

Maryland has the distinction of being the only Catholic colony and of having been a neutral state during the Civil War. I have never lived in Maryland, and I am afraid all true Marylanders will be incensed to know that during my two tours in the National Capital...

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