CT state flagSometimes the process of travel is very pleasant, such as riding Amtrak’s Northeast Regional from Rhode Island to Washington, DC. I like the size and the ease of the train, the ability to move around the car at will, and the hypnotic bass line of the wheels while the country streams past your windows. The train shows you a different view of the area: its pediment and guts –variously agrarian, industrial, or abandoned. You pass the back gates of parts’ yards, where you can see deconstructed cars between cyclone fencing and repurposed boards. Connecticut is home to cranberry bogs, so like its neighbor Massachusetts, you couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving without this state. (Probably not the literal truth as the cranberry industry is alive and well in Massachusetts, as well.) And from the pointless trivia department, OPI produces a nail polish shade called “Connecticut Cranberry.” In my next life, I want to be the person who names the makeup colors: they are underappreciated aficionados of our language.

I’ve also taken the I-95 through Connecticut to Massachusetts, thankfully at night when the commuters of Westport and the students of New Haven were off the roads. Cities seem secret and personable at night, while less populated areas appear blank and deserted, occasional orange cones of the sodium lights illuminating the corner of a gas station or a closed convenience store.

I’m not the only one who passed through Connecticut: my ancestors called Hartford home for about 250 years, until they started popping west, to New York State and then to Michigan. And whither then I cannot say. Reading one of the genealogy books so thoughtfully digitized, I see that back in London, Francis Spencer was an “ale brewer,” one brother was a “haberdasher,” and the other a “grocer.” If 17th century England had been the Army, my people would have had a nice little Supply Mafia going. (Army Supply Mafia … you know who you are!) The whole book, on Thomas Spencer, not Army Supply, may be found here: https://archive.org/details/thomasspencerfam00instar. Wish I would have mentioned the supply connections to Fort Irwin CIF before they took back my sleeping system…

And on that note, sleep well!

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