I am not able to do justice to the clear northern beauty that is Maine, as I only visited once, over Memorial Day in 2009. Coolness boiled off the water at Bar Harbor, but there were too many people if you aren’t a guest at the Kennedys’ private estate. (I guess; I have not myself been invited.) I don’t relish crowds. I do recall how stark granite and cold water backdropped white flickers of sailboats, and I hope to visit the shores and forests again.

ME Portland waterfront

Waterfront in Portland, Maine. Ordered the de rigeur lobster.

I don’t have any stories about ancestors who were Mainers, but I do like one of that state’s contemporary authors: Stephen King. Though the Dark Tower epic died with a whimper, not a bang, when you look at his work as a whole, he is critically under-rated not just as a short-story writer, but in both the way he expresses characters’ internal dialogue and his connection to something, some kind of spiritus mundi. I like how characters interconnect and books overlap, as if he is viewing and documenting a secondary reality rather than inventing it. I read It when I was about 10 and living in Flint, Mich., and I believed that we had a Derry, Maine, right here. Though I have visited many places of peace and places of power –this earth also has poison places that breed poisoned people. (Oddly, in the real Flint as in the fictional Derry, death HAS come out of the underground pipes.)

What’s your favorite Stephen King story and why?


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