I have only met three other Irish-Romanians: my sister and two brothers.  It is a strange ethnic group that is the product of the 1970s in Los Angeles.  I am also a product of Los Angeles in the 1970s and couldn’t be more happy about the situation.

How do you identify yourself? Does ethnicity even come into play in your identity?

These questions are interesting to me, not just because I am only 25% of the known-to-me Irish-Romanians of this world, but because I love genealogy.  I have lovingly pursued threads back through the censuses and property records of the past, seeking out the stories of the past.

Do you like genealogy?

In the spirit of this new “blog,” I am going to put out the information I have on both my Irish and Romanian ancestors, in the hopes that somewhere out in the ether I will find some kinfolks or other amateur genealogists.

On the Irish side:

Mary Elizabeth Kelly, b. 1947, Flint, Michigan m. Vintila Corneliu Ardeleanu (Vincent Cornelius Schultz)

Raymond John Kelly Jr., b 1920, Detroit, Michigan (Navy veteran from WWII) d. 1996, Flint, Michigan. m. Katherine Elizabeth Levasseur, b. 1921, Flint, Michigan (home maker, expert in early childhood learning and patron of the arts), d. 1997, Flint, Michigan.

Raymond John Kelly Sr., b. d. 1979, m. Nora Evans b. d. 1983, Detroit, Michigan.  WWI and WII veteran, National Commander of the American Legion 1939-40, Corporation Counsel for City of Detroit, Federal Judge in Territory of Alaska, former lumberjack.

Michael Jeremiah Kelly Jr., farmer in Otsego, Michigan. m.Josephine (Josie) Wolfe.

Michael Jeremiah Kelly Sr., born in County Clare, Ireland

And the Romanians…

Vincenz Cornelius Schultz/Vintila Corneliu Ardeleanu b 1947 Bucharesti, Romania, m. Mary Elizabeth Kelly 1972 in Los Angeles.

Vintila Vintila Ardeleanu b. 1919, married Carmen Camelia Schultz, whose father had emigrated from Bavaria to Romania to build bridges in WWII.

Vintila Ardeleanu b. married Sia Giorgiu.

Ardeleanu means “man from Ardel,” which is in Transylvania.  It is a beautiful area of woods and snow.  The Ardeleanus were from a small town called Val de Monte.  Legend has it that one was hung by the Hungarians in the succession of border wars in that mountainous area, not unlike Kasimir Province a little further east.

Anything sound familiar?